Chris Williamson

Chris believes that moving well is an art. With his expertise in functional movement training, combined with Kettlebells, Olympic and Powerlifting, Chris develops programs aimed at helping his clients achieve their fullest physical potential. The benefits from his training approach include increasing total body strength, reaching optimal performance, improving mobility, moving pain free, and developing a fundamental understanding of how to effectively exercise. Chris’ certifications include National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM-CPT); Functional Movement Specialist (FMS); USA Weightlifting Sports and Conditioning; and Kettlebell Concepts.

Christa Cocumelli

My passion for health/fitness stems from my desire to help others. Interestingly, my original plan was not to use my Master’s degree in Exercise Physiology to train or work in a clinical setting. Post grad school, however, I decided to do a year of AmeriCorps Service in health education. Looking at health from the community level, seeing firsthand how policies, systems, and environments effect health behavior, and working one on one or in small groups with people through behavior change inspired me to continue this work.

Health is multifaceted. It’s more than just what we do in the gym. What I love about training is that I get to combine all of my education and professional experiences to help you choose wellness every day; not only during our workouts, but also throughout your day to day life. My job is to not only push you to do more than you thought you could, but also teach you so that you feel empowered and capable to do things on your own.

Nino Malong

I have been involved in The Martial Arts for over 20 years. I started under Sifu Ron Wheeler studying Jow Ga Kung Fu. I competed and during my competition years I’d medaled in every single tournament. I am also a Blue Belt Brazilian Jiujitsu under Renzo Gracie Black Belt, Cesar Cabrera. The thing I enjoy most about teaching is watching the students who take my classes improve.

Khetab Claiborne

Khetab attended North Carolina Central University with a focus of exercise science. He is certified in personal training with the Athletic and Fitness Association of America with a specialty in functional movement screening (FMS) and active and passive stretching. Before attending college, Khetab spent 8 years living abroad. He spent five years in China and three years in South America. While living in China, he studied Wushu which allowed him the opportunity to learn about a different approach to health and longevity. This had a major influence on him and has contributed to his training style today. He seeks to maximize the functionality and enhance the capacity of his clients not only physic but overall wellness. He continues to elevate his quest to bringing a new meaning to the health and fitness world by continuing his education and practice of Chi Gong (energy cultivation). He is an instructor of a new system called “Ra chi gong” created by Dr. Ra Un Nefer Amen. Through the merger of Eastern and Western philosophy and approach toward health, Khetab applies these methods to elevate his clients to being the very best version of themselves.

May Bend

Training Philosophy: Optimal health is comprised of three pillars: a) challenging, consistent workouts, b) rational nutrition, c) thoughtful self care. I support my clients in developing the skills and habits needed to excel in all three areas. When we are strong, we have the flexibility to handle anything life brings us.

Bianca Russo

Before becoming a NASM certified personal trainer, Bianca worked for 4 years in the healthcare industry. Most recently, she worked in the Emergency Room at George Washington University Hospital as an Emergency Medical Technician. To Bianca, many injuries and illnesses seen in the ER were preventable so she shifted toward the fitness industry with a focus on injury prevention & wellness. As a Health at Every Size advocate, Bianca regards “fitness” from a body positive perspective. Bianca offers radically affirming, safe and accessible personal training & group workout classes. She especially welcomes people with large bodies and folks from the Queer community to come workout but of course, everyone is welcome.

Amon Alexander

“One must study a box in order to think outside of it. Become limitless.”  – Amon

Growing up a “husky” youth in Cincinnati, Ohio, fitness as a profession was not a consideration. Though active in tennis, gymnastics, swimming, diving, soccer, track, and Judo, a future in fitness was all but likely. It was my adult studies in music that made me begin to consider the body differently. The intentional signaling required of the mind to the body to produce a desired sound (result) amazed me. Could not this same relationship be used to produce a physical, visible result? Exactly. The challenge of life is not reacting to what it brings, but preparing oneself to take it on as best as you can. “Be water, my friend” (Bruce Lee). I am certified through NASM and ACE with additional certifications/specialties in TRX, sports-specific training, corrective exercise and mobility, weight loss management, nutrition counseling, and high-intensity cross training.

Amina Jamai

Amina is a dedicated and passionate yogi, special education and yoga teacher. Her love for yoga has changed the way she approaches herself, her loved ones and the world she lives in. Her classes are heavily influenced by her personal practice of Ashtanga-based Power Flow yoga. The asana is athletic, the sequencing is creative, and the movement is intentional. Students gain strength, flexibility and balance, both on and off the mat. She is welcoming and supportive of all students and encourages them to put the work in while having fun!

Jenna Grubman

Jenna Rose Grubman first got involved in yoga with her two sisters and mom while still in high school in Indiana as a fun, but fitness-oriented family activity. After moving to the Mt. Pleasant neighborhood after college, she signed up for all the team sport leagues, but also was introduced to local yoga studios. After practicing consistently for six years, Jenna received her 200 hour YRT through the Living Yoga Teacher Training in DC in 2016. While she has discovered the many sides of yoga in her training and studying, she still loves how it can focus on strength, core and stability. When not teaching, you can find Jenna still playing basketball, traveling with family, or at work with her day job with Habitat for Humanity Intentional.

Sanu Amen

Sanu has trained a wide variety of clients from young athletes to seniors, helping each one of them towards instituting beneficial changes toward healthier bodies. His training method focuses on the fundamentals of human biomechanics.

Understanding how the various patterns people typically use during daily activities culminate in dysfunctions. These dysfunctions include deconditioned muscle, abnormal joint function, and an unhealthy increase in body fat. Sanu helps his clients by providing exercises that will address these issues over time.