Amina is a dedicated and passionate yogi, special education and yoga teacher. Her love for yoga has changed the way she approaches herself, her loved ones and the world she lives in. Her classes are heavily influenced by her personal practice of Ashtanga-based Power Flow yoga. The asana is athletic, the sequencing is creative, and the movement is intentional. Students gain strength, flexibility and balance, both on and off the mat. She is welcoming and supportive of all students and encourages them to put the work in while having fun!

One must study a box in order to think outside of it. Become limitless.” – Amon

Growing up a “husky” youth in Cincinnati, Ohio, fitness as a profession was not a consideration. Though active in tennis, gymnastics, swimming, diving, soccer, track, and Judo, a future in fitness was all but likely. It was my adult studies in music that made me begin to consider the body differently. The intentional signaling required of the mind to the body to produce the desired sound (result) amazed me. Could not this same relationship be used to produce a physical, visible result? Exactly. The challenge of life is not reacting to what it brings but preparing oneself to take it on as best as you can. “Be water, my friend” (Bruce Lee). I am certified through NASM and ACE with additional certifications/specialties in TRX, sports-specific training, corrective exercise and mobility, weight loss management, nutrition counseling, and high-intensity cross-training.

My passion for health/fitness stems from my desire to help others. Interestingly, my original plan was not to use my Master’s degree in Exercise Physiology to train or work in a clinical setting. Postgrad school, however, I decided to do a year of AmeriCorps Service in health education. Looking at health from the community level, seeing firsthand how policies, systems, and environments affect health behavior, and working one on one or in small groups with people through behavior change inspired me to continue this work.

Health is multifaceted. It’s more than just what we do in the gym. What I love about training is that I get to combine all of my education and professional experiences to help you choose wellness every day; not only during your workouts but also throughout your day-to-day life. My job is to not only push you to do more than you thought you could, but also teach you so that you feel empowered and capable to do things on your own.

Emily grew up playing a plethora of sports and eventually fell in love with rugby. A childhood Olympic dream led her to the international stage, where she represented the U.S. and New Zealand as a referee on the rugby 7s World Series. From growing up playing makeshift 1-on-1 games with her brother, to running out into packed stadiums, Emily’s life constantly gravitates toward movement and play.

Developing strong relationships is the foundation of Emily’s work. Her mission is to support you toward your goals and feeling free in your body. Her teachers include the disability justice community, Decolonizing Fitness (Ilya Parker), and The Nap Ministry (Tricia Hersey). She’s humbled to be trained and mentored by Mike Boyle’s S&C team, Josh Ford, Brian McGee, and the Fit360DC team. Emily is a certified personal trainer through NASM, has a B.S. in biomedical engineering from Brown University, and also coaches community rugby.

“The only limits that exist are the ones in your own mind.”

Everyone comes across barriers at some point or multiple points in their lives. I enjoy helping people face those head-on and giving them the tools that they need to be well. My love for training transpires from my own fitness journey. I was overweight through my late teens and had a hard time finding balance. I started studying exercise science at Salisbury University and applied what I learned to my own health goals. Over the last 5 years, I have been able to share that knowledge with my clients. My background is in both physical therapy and athletic training, and I specialize in rehabilitation, weight loss, and strength training.

The body is a complex unit that I continue to learn more about on a daily basis. I love this challenge, and I can’t wait to share my knowledge with you.

Kwame is a ACE certified personal trainer, as well as a licensed blackbelt in Tai-Chi as well as Shaolin Kung Fu. Kwame has been doing martial arts, MMA combat training and personal training for a total of 22 years. He is an amateur MMA champion boasting a 22:0 ratio of wins to losses in his short career during his teen years from 13-17. He believes in motivation and consistent positive affirmations to help manifest a person’s reality. His passion is transforming clients into what he calls “Fitness Warriors”.

He has worked with clients of all ages spearheading martial arts and fitness programs with the YMCA of DC, as well as DC Office on Aging, Washington Sports Club, and Dennis Brown Shaolin Wushu training Centers to name a few. He believes that through fitness a person can change their life and enhance their mind, body and soul. His goal is to make fitness and self-defense relatable to everyone. So whether you are tall, short, old or young he will adapt his style of training to get you in the best shape of your life.

I have been involved in The Martial Arts for over 20 years. I started under Sifu Ron Wheeler studying Jow Ga Kung Fu. I competed and during my competition years I’d medaled in every single tournament. I am also a Brown Belt Brazilian Jiujitsu under Renzo Gracie Black Belt, Cesar Cabrera. The thing I enjoy most about teaching is watching the students who take my classes improve.
I’ve accomplished a lot in the decade I’ve been involved in fitness professionally. I myself, am a sponsored strength athlete, award winning bodybuilder several times over and published fitness model.

In the close to a decade that l’ve been training professionally, I’ve had the pleasure of being Personal Trainer and coach to a wide variety of amazing people including: Professional athletes, a record holding powerlifter, award winning physique competitors, a professional model and many, many people whose goals fall any and everywhere in between.

Value your health and fitness! Work with “The real deal”.

Go Beyond your basic personal training, I’ve been Certified through NFPT as a Master Fitness Trainer with specialty certifications as Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Advanced Resistance Training Specialist and Endurance Training Specialist.

I hope to be able to share my passion for this lifestyle with you and get you on the way to building a stronger version on yourself.

Victoria L. Gasiorowski is a marathon runner and athletic training coach. She is a Certified Personal Trainer by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM-CPT). In addition, Victoria received her master’s degree in speech-language pathology from the George Washington University and actively practices as a speech pathologist, across the DMV, working with people with neurological and swallowing disorders. Victoria is always moving! Some of her favorite ways to move her body are through running, snowboarding and weight training. She believes movement is healing and has personally used this belief to find her way to health and wellness.

Victoria wishes to share her love for movement with her clients. She deeply cares about each individual she works with and seeks to understand their personal goals. She enjoys working with athletes of all levels and brings her passion for exercise science to light with a kind heart and animated personality. Her training philosophy has roots in adequate breath work, healthy postural alignment, injury prevention, and respect for what one’s body can achieve.