More than your normal,
everyday neighborhood gym

Functional Fitness Training Facility

Focuses on both personal and
small group strength and conditioning training


More than your normal,
everyday neighborhood gym

Functional Fitness Training Facility

Focuses on both personal and
small group strength and conditioning training

Weight training, effective weight loss, cardio training or wellness; whatever be your objective, we have customized training to meet your needs.



Core, stability, balance and bodyweight strength are combined in this specialized class that incorporates both the BOSU board and stability ball. Exercises will help you properly engage core muscles, exert force through the hips, and increase your overall athletic ability, coordination and posture.

Sundays – 9:15am

Classes will focus on developing the correct application of techniques of boxing and kickboxing- the jab, cross, hook, roundhouse kicks etc. These are employed through different drills on the focus mitts, heavy bags, as well as partner drills. Conditioning plays a big part as well and members can expect improvements in their cardiovascular and muscular endurance. Members will work through a series of stations that focus on different techniques.

Mondays – 7pm
Fridays – 7pm
Saturdays – 10am

Foundation-FIT is a course designed to introduce newcomers to basic, fundamental movement patterns that are further developed in other classes. Features include postural alignment assessment, planking, squatting techniques, core movement and an introduction to the kettlebell swing. This is a great opportunity to learn proper form for first-timers, or to re-introduce yourself to FIT360DC basics

Mondays – 7pm
Wednesdays – 7am
Saturdays – 11am

EMPOWER Fit is an infusion of practical self-defense combatives based in Brazillian Jiu Jitsu. Classes are broken down into a safe and functional warm-up, introduction to combatives, and aggression drills. Classes are taught to highlight the principles of Jiu Jitsu as self-defense and functional fitness. The goal is for students to leave each session feeling stronger, safer, and more empowered to overcome stressful and threatening situations. (Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced)

Mondays – 8pm (Women ONLY)
Saturdays – 11am (Co-ed)/ (Women ONLY)
Sundays – 1pm (Women ONLY)

*Check our schedule for availability 

Total Body-FIT classes provide a comprehensive, multi-directional, total-body workout that allows all levels of fitness to meet the challenges of kettlebell basics, bodyweight strength, weighted resistance and other forms of functional fitness. Entry-level participants will be introduced to basic movement patterns, intermediate members can develop effective technique, and advanced members can further sharpen their skills.

Mondays – 6:15am & 6pm
Tuesdays – 12:15pm & 8pm
Wednesdays – 6:15am & 6pm
Thursdays – 12:15pm & 8pm
Fridays – 6:15am & 7am
Sundays – 12:00pm

This is a straight cardio/strength/conditioning BLAST!!! Combining multi-directional movement, core strength, bodyweight conditioning and endurance, we dive right into athletic-inspired, heart-pounding, calorie-torching High Intensity Interval Training that incorporates total body engagement and good, honest sweat. With this progressive, professionally instructed class, everyone is encouraged to work up to their own personal maximum fitness level, facing new challenges and reaching new goals.

Tuesdays – 6:15am & 6pm
Thursdays – 6:15am & 6pm
Saturdays – 12pm

FIT360DC’s Loaded.Integrated.Functional.Training class is designed to combine traditional weightlifting technique with core functional fitness. Barbells, Dumbbells and Kettlebells are constructively mixed with challenges to your core stability

Mondays – 8pm
Wednesdays – 7pm
Fridays – 6pm

Based solidly on RKC Kettlebell technique and TRX bodyweight strength training, Hybrid-FIT is the  connecting bridge between class levels that includes progressive strength and cardio-circuit training. Take the time to build on such kettlebell techniques like the deadlift, overhead press, swing, clean, get-up and snatch, and then challenge yourself in applying those skills to other functional strength and conditioning challenges. For whatever level you may be currently, the next level awaits.
Tuesdays – 7am/7pm
Thursdays – 7am/7pm
Saturdays – 9am
Sundays – 10am

This full-body workout challenges and enables you to become centered, balanced, and physically and mentally healthier. Though you may find some parts of this style of yoga to be faster paced and other parts slower, the flow (movement) is almost constant. The class is available for both novice and experienced students alike.

Sundays – 11am
Wednesdays – 8pm

Open access to our facility under the watchful eye of our certified fitness experts. Every workout is designed to put you into the coveted “after burn”, which is a state of having an elevated metabolism for well over 20 hours after you’ve worked out (The after burn is the real reason you’ll burn maximum fat). Plus, a nutrition plan and journal to follow, including grocery lists and motivational tips.

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Personal Training

Training is our flagship service and this is where we shine. Choose personal training as a way to get started with an exercise routine, help you achieve ambitious fitness goals, rehab after an injury, take you to the next level, or simply because you work hard and you want the best!

Take time for an intensely focused pack of  1/2 hour sessions, or a more balanced full hour session to get you into the best shape of your life.

Open Gym

Not necessarily interested in classes or personal training? No problem!

FIT360DC provides open gym access to members or drop-in guests looking for a solid, independent workout with quality functional strength and cardio equipment and no sales harassment. Two double-sided squat racks for deadlifts, bench-presses, pull-ups and more. Plenty of Olympic barbells with metal, rubber, and bumper plates. A full range of dumbbells, kettlebells, cable cross trainers, resistance bands, heavy ropes and an extensive array of functional equipment pieces.

Have all the space you could need throughout most of the day, or make a space for yourself even during classes. Members have little to no time restrictions to their 24/7hr access. Drop-in guests will need to call in advance for $20/Day Passes.”


Our facility

Our facility includes the best in high-level functional training equipment that gets you the body you want