Welcome to Fit 360 DC!



FIT360DC provides the Mt. Pleasant/DC area with the best in functional fitness, accommodating everyone from top athletes to top moms & dads.  We’ve created an environment that supports the full range of fitness, from balance & stability, to strength & power, to speed & conditioning, to nutrition & restoration.


We provide a mix of integrated training techniques that have been standards for years with new, innovative pathways that stimulated both strength & weight loss like nothing else you’ll see in most gyms.

FIT360 is packed with the best, most effective functional equipment, including:
• Kettlebells & other free weights
• Multi-purpose squat racks
• Benches
• Cable machines
• Cardio machines

Members have 24/7 access, certified personal training packages & a full schedule of small group strength training classes.

Membership is limited, so be sure to check us out soon!