Khetab Claiborne

Khetab attended North Carolina Central University with a focus of exercise science. He is certified in personal training with the Athletic and Fitness Association of America with a specialty in functional movement screening (FMS) and active and passive stretching. Before attending college, Khetab spent 8 years living abroad. He spent five years in China and three years in South America. While living in China, he studied Wushu which allowed him the opportunity to learn about a different approach to health and longevity. This had a major influence on him and has contributed to his training style today. He seeks to maximize the functionality and enhance the capacity of his clients not only physic but overall wellness. He continues to elevate his quest to bringing a new meaning to the health and fitness world by continuing his education and practice of Chi Gong (energy cultivation). He is an instructor of a new system called “Ra chi gong” created by Dr. Ra Un Nefer Amen. Through the merger of Eastern and Western philosophy and approach toward health, Khetab applies these methods to elevate his clients to being the very best version of themselves.