Amon Alexander

“One must study a box in order to think outside of it. Become limitless.” – Amon

Growing up a “husky” youth in Cincinnati, Ohio, fitness as a profession was not a consideration. Though active in tennis, gymnastics, swimming, diving, soccer, track, and Judo, a future in fitness was all but likely. It was my adult studies in music that made me begin to consider the body differently. The intentional signaling required of the mind to the body to produce a desired sound (result) amazed me. Could not this same relationship be used to produce a physical, visible result? Exactly. The challenge of life is not reacting to what it brings, but preparing oneself to take it on as best as you can. “Be water, my friend” (Bruce Lee). I am certified through NASM and ACE with additional certifications/specialties in TRX, sports-specific training, corrective exercise and mobility, weight loss management, nutrition counseling, and high-intensity cross training.